First Steps Towards Living Organizations

At the heart of every team and project, there’s a living dynamic waiting to be activated. It’s about allowing life to flow more freely within us, among us, in our projects, and structures. This is what we crave the most: meaning and life. Through our work, we’ve observed that these emerging realizations serve as catalysts for deep cultural and organizational transformations. Perhaps you’ve noticed this too? Toscane wants to share its extensive and tangible experience with such initiatives. So that life can thrive. For livelier organizations. So that your organization and the projects you lead or support are more vibrant and, therefore, more effective.

Purpose of the Journey

To offer an introduction to the Toscane experience, translated into tangible methods for driving profound transformations. Its aim is to raise awareness and facilitate an initial integration of the fundamental Toscane stances and tools.”

Who is this journey for?

It’s designed for leaders, supervisors, managers, and coaches who are inspired by the Toscane approach and wish to embark on an initial exploration.”


The Discovery Journey is immersive. You’ll listen, but more importantly, you’ll work on your real-life situations, both individually and within small interactive groups. Sharing, delving deeper, receiving feedback, exploring possibilities, and benefiting from others’ scenarios — all to make tangible progress immediately.

What prerequisites before signing up?

To ensure participants derive the most from the Toscane experience, we hope for deeply personal commitment and motivation towards profound cultural and organizational transformations. We also require participants to commit to completing the entire course.

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$800 per person
5 sessions of 2 hours



5 online sessions  2 hours

Readings, videos, and hands-on exercises between sessions.

Session 1

Supporting a profound transformation begins with a foundational stance: experiencing the 5 key insights that amplify my impact on individuals and organizations, and adopting a core tool from the Toscane experience: resonance.

Session 2

Companies, and broadly speaking human organizations, are living and complex ecosystems: how do we set such systems in motion? What are the foundations and challenges of a transformation approach? This second session provides an opportunity to familiarize oneself with the 4 domains of transformation

Session 3

Stimulating the life force present at the heart of every team: the introduction to the ‘Ressentis-Sens-Mouvement’ Engine is central to this third class. How does the realm of the unseen (level 2) concretely drive projects and people (level 1) into motion?

Session 4

Structuring without stiffening: what organizational principles for living companies? Between predefined organizational models (holacracy, sociocracy, agile…) and the emergence of a unique model for each organization, what path and benchmarks should I use to evolve my company?

Session 5

Initiating my transformation journey: my first steps. Who can embark on such a journey? Where to begin, where to lean on? The concept of the ‘call to action’ dynamics and leverage is at the heart of this fifth class.



Cohort 1

Session 1 : Tuesday 30 January 2024
Session 2 :Tuesday 6 February 2024
Session 3 : Tuesday 13 February 2024
Session 4 : Tuesday 20 February 2024
Session 5 : Tuesday 27 February 2024

Time Zone EST for USA (NY) :From 11.30 AM to 1.30PM  

Time Zone CET for Europe (Paris) : From 5.30PM to 7.30PM

Cohort 2

Session 1 : Tuesday 12  March 2024
Session 2 : Tuesday 19 March 2024
Session 3 : Tuesday 26 March 2024
Session 4 : Tuesday 2 April 2024
Session 5 : Tuesday 9 April 2024

Time Zone EST for USA (NY) :From 11.30 AM to 1.30PM  

Time Zone CET for Europe (Paris) : From 5.30PM to 7.30PM

Cohort 3

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Time Zone EST for USA (NY) :From 11.30 AM to 1.30PM  

Time Zone CET for Europe (Paris) : From 5.30PM to 7.30PM

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$800 per person
5 sessions of 2 hours

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